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March 12 2020
At BH Mallorca Resort Affiliated by FERGUS we are committed to the safety of our guests. With the will that each of our clients enjoy an extraordinary vacation from beginning to end, we reprove any conduct that endangers their own safety, as well as that of third parties. Our implication against inappropriate behavior is firm and will be sanctioned.

According to the regulations applicable to the Magaluf area, dangerous practices for the life, health and physical integrity of clients in touristic accommodation establishments are prohibited.

In this way, they are considered dangerous practices, among others, moving from one balcony or window to another; jumping or precipitating from places not suitable for like swimming pools, into the void or to any other element (the practice of the so-called balconying).

Customers who carry out these practices will be expelled from the establishment immediately, regardless of the penalties that may be imposed on them, in accordance with the Decree law and the corresponding municipal ordinances.

The economic sanctions derived from this type of serious infractions will have an amount that will range between 6,000 and 60,000 euros.


In 2020, we declared the BH Hotels, a zone free of sexist violence, so that there will be zero tolerance towards offensive attitudes and behaviours and, of course, violent towards women, both guests and workers.

In addition, any form of advertising in which women are sexualized will be eliminated and all BH Mallorca Resort Affiliated by FERGUS workers are being specifically trained in gender equality.

According to the Decree law that applies to the Magaluf area, any type of practice that objectifies or hypersexualizes persons, especially women, in order to induce the consumption of alcohol or the entrance to an establishment such as bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and any establishment open to the public is prohibited.

The economic sanctions derived from this type of infractions considered very serious will have an amount that will range between 60,001 and 600,000 euros.

In BH Mallorca Resort Affiliated by FERGUS we are strongly committed to the environment, which its preservation is one of our priorities. The actions we take to reduce our ecological footprint are shared with our staff, as well as with our customers.

We are pioneers in the area of Palmanova-Magaluf in dispensing with single-use plastic cups, ahead of the new regulations of the European Union for tourist establishments that will enter into force in 2021 and that will force all hotels to suppress plastic of single use only.

In this way, during the 2019 season a system of reusable cups is introduced, reducing plastic consumption, reducing waste and transferring the importance of recycling and reuse to our guests. A reusable cup is delivered to each guest, which can be exchanged for a clean one as many times as they want. In case the guest misses the glass, they will have to pay the symbolic amount of 1 euro to get another one. Part of the money raised goes to social works. In 2019, BH Mallorca signed a collaboration agreement with the Palma Aquarium Foundation, contributing with 50% of the collection of reusable cups for projects related to the recovery and protection of the marine ecosystem.

The introduction of reusable cups continues with the policy and commitment of BH Mallorca for the reduction of contaminating elements. Other single-use plastic elements such as straws or plastic plates were already suppressed. In this way, the commitment to the environment and social responsibility to make BH Mallorca a sustainable tourist destination is reiterated.


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